Office space and Tenants


The CDL Group Northland Sports House, built over the top of the Northland Table Tennis Centre, on Western Hills Drive in Whangarei has provided a unique solution for Table Tennis Northland (who would probably otherwise have needed to replace their roof by now) and Sport Northland, who have ended up with a purpose built administrative base, including office space for up to 15 Northland Regional Sports Organisations (RSOs) to also be housed.

The CDL Group Northland Sports House has enabled Sport Northland and the RSOs to work together in an inclusive culture and environment, which has promoted better collaboration, communication and sharing of best practice between all the organisations involved.

The below organisation are permanently based in the CDL Group Northland Sports House and in addition many others use the hot desk facility available, which enables them to ‘plug-in’ their laptops to work from the office when they are in town (this is especially helpful for those organisations with staff not based permanently in Northland but who regularly work in the region, such as Gymsports NZ).

Many more sports organisations use the Pub Charity Meeting Rooms within the facility, which provide a much needed, quality space for them to hold meetings, workshops and functions.

It has also brought the entire Whangarei staff of Sport Northland back under one roof, something that had been missing since the main office of the organisation had to be shifted into the Whangarei CBD back in 1998 (as a result of the demolition of the old Member’s Stand at Kensington Park to make way for the redevelopment of the ASB Leisure Centre).

While bringing a stated goal of Sport Northland’s (one that dates back at least 15 years) to fruition is particularly satisfying, the real value of the facility to the sport and recreation sector will be felt in the years to come as more organisations are in a position to occupy a permanent seat in the office, make use of the hot desks or just use the meeting rooms on a regular basis.

Those sport/recreation organisations interested in looking at office space should contact us here.